A good ACT score is decided by each school. Plan for your path!

College Transition Challenges

Beginning college is a major life event. You have to adjust to a new place, new friends, and harder classes! As you start to juggle all of these new responsibilities and activities, your grades can easily slip. In college, you will find it’s a lot harder to catch up once you get behind. Classes Many […]

Financial Benefits of Test Prep

Standardized test prep has many benefits. Test prep helps students achieve higher SAT and ACT scores. Raising one’s test scores on the ACT and SAT can greatly increase students’ chances of acceptance to their top-choice colleges. In fact, test scores have one of the most direct correlations to college acceptance. But higher test scores have other […]

How to Take an SAT or ACT Practice Test

When prepping for the SAT or ACT you probably aren’t looking forward to spending the majority of your weekend on an SAT or ACT practice test. But as you prep, try to look at your practice tests in a positive light. SAT or ACT Practice tests are an essential part of your study plan, and […]

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Find Out How to Overcome Test Anxiety

As your SAT or ACT approaches, you may start to feel a little test anxiety. A few last-minute jitters are completely normal. It is a big event in your college admissions process after all! A little test anxiety is a good thing as it will help you focus your attention on the task ahead. What […]

Should I Retake the ACT or SAT?

Should I Retake the ACT or SAT? This is a question that you will likely consider at some point during your college admissions process. The short answer is that if you’re wondering about it, then you probably should retake the ACT or SAT, especially if you’ve only taken one official test. However, there are a […]